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Tristan Stivors sez: Raise your hand if you’ve ever led the nation in saves.

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South Side Sox Top Prospect No. 52: Tristan Stivors

Is there better pure-closer stuff in the system? Nope

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Tristan Stivors

Right-Handed Relief Pitcher
220 pounds
Age: 25
2023 SSS Top Prospect Rank 35
2023 High Level Birmingham (AA)
Age relative to high level -0.3 years
SSS rank among all right-handed relief pitchers in the system 5
Overall 2023 stats 7-1 ⚾️ 7 SV ⚾️ 34 games (26 finishes) ⚾️ 38 1⁄3 IP ⚾️ 3.52 ERA ⚾️ 1.409 WHIP ⚾️ 56 K ⚾️ 22 BB

With pick No. 491 in the 2022 MLB draft, the White Sox added right-handed closer Tristan Stivors from Texas State University. Stivors crushed the Sun Belt Conference competition with 18 saves in 32 games and a 2.21 ERA/1.082 WHIP, with 86 Ks in 61 innings. Those 18 saves led the nation in 2022. He features a classic closer mix of big heat and killer breaking ball.

Oh, and a closer, who led the nation in saves, starting a game this season? That stands out. Here are some details:

Stivors had a heavy workload with Texas State in 2022 and thus saw little time after signing his $75,000 bonus, facing just 18 batters in the ACL and at Kannapolis.

True as advertised, given age and experience, Stivors jumped another two levels, up to Double-A Birmingham, in 2023. His results were a bit more mixed, however. While the ERA remained on the sunny side of 4.00, Stivors’ ability to simply show up on the mound and scare the sanitary socks off of batters has waned. Walks have bloomed, and what was a WHIP barely scraping past 1.000 in college has swelled to the 1.4 level in the pros — in 2023’s case, both at High-A and Double-A.

Stivors’ Baseball Cube player ratings
Strikeouts 94 (same as last season)
K/BB 79 (-6)
Hittable 66 (+2)
vs. Power 66 (+2)
Walks 56 (-9)
Durability 56 (+2)

Last season ending up a Baron put Stivors right at age-appropriate. He’ll get his start back in Birmingham to begin 2024, with the expectation of Charlotte sooner than later. In terms of pure closer mettle, there is no more suited candidate for the South Side in the White Sox system.

[Note: The makeup of the White Sox minors changes over the long course of this project, shifting ratings. The February 3 trades with Seattle and Arizona have added three highly-rated prospects to our list, sliding players down a couple of spots. The list below represents our updated rankings, although the stories they link to will retain original rankings (example, No. 56 Troy Claunch originally was our No. 55 prospect).]

2024 South Side Sox Top 100 White Sox Prospects

52. Tristan Stivors, RHRP
53. Caleb Freeman, RHRP
54. Jake Peppers, RHSP
55. Shane Murphy, LHRP
56. Troy Claunch, C
57. Edrick Felix, 2B
58. Gabriel Rodríguez, RHSP
59. Edgar Navarro, RHRP
60. Lucas Gordon, LHSP
61. Andrew Pérez, LHRP
62. Javier Mogollon, 2B
63. Aldrin Batista, RHSP
64. Ryan Castillo, 1B
65. Bryce Willits, 3B
66. Colby Smelley, C
67. Wes Kath, 3B
68. Alsander Womack, 2B
69. Jordan Sprinkle, SS
70. Connor McCullough, RHSP
71. Luis Rodriguez, RHRP
72. Jonah Scolaro, LHRP
73. Ben Beutel, LHRP
74. Stiven Flores, C
75. Adrian Gil, 1B
76. Yohemy Nolasco, RHRP
77. Ben Norman, LF
78. Josimar Cousín, RHSP
79. Juan Gonzalez, C
80. Chris Lanzilli, LF
81. Alex Speas, RHRP
82. Fraser Ellard, LHRP
83. Garrett Wright, RHRP
84. Duke Ellis, CF
85. Mathias LaCombe, RHRP
86. Godwin Bennett, RF
87. Rikuu Nishida, LF
88. Caden Connor, LF
89. Zach Franklin, RHRP
90. Jeremy González, LHSP
91. Jerry Burke, RHRP
92. Frankeli Arias, LHSP
93. Mikey Kane, 3B
94. Carlton Perkins, RHSP
95. Tyler Neslony, LF
96. Drew Dalquist, RHSP
97. Jason Matthews, SS
98. Jonathan Stiever, RHSP
99. Tommy Sommer, LHSP
100. Daniel González, LHRP

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