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Won’t be fun to watch the White Sox this year, but the lies about The 78 should be amusing

The falsehoods from the team and developer are off and running

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Let the people speak, White Sox — we dare you

The people’s money for a fancy new park? Let’s vote on it!

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Three low-cost veteran free agents the White Sox should sign right now

Ripe with tenure and experience, these players can make a difference in 2024

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White Sox can rule — with the Rule of Threes

Never before has any team been more likely to benefit

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SI, AI, and the bleak future of sportswriting

Content, and its discontents

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SSS Staff Predictions 2023, revisited: Give it up for the names at the top!

Some great picks, some terrible ones ... let’s review what we got right and wrong about this past summer

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There is no D in White Sox

Or on the field, either

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What Went Wrong: Michael Kopech

2023 was a dud, but let’s not discard him to the bullpen quite yet

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Can the White Sox be the next Diamondbacks?

Lessons to be learned on how to make huge improvements

White Sox homegrown numbers big, production small

Most products of the system have withered on the vine

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What Went Wrong: Dylan Cease

Digging into the velocity drop and pitch shape-shifting that turned an ace into more of a mere mortal in 2023

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What can be learned from White Sox history?

The history of the inglorious season of 1970, that is

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White Sox Snake Bitten Again, 3-0

10th loss in a row to Arizona since 2014

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Who says you can’t fire the team?

It’s time to give it a try

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Dylan Cease doesn’t have his slider

A glimpse of what’s underneath the 27-year-old’s sudden downturn

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What is next after the front office dismissals?

After the departures of Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams, the organization must avoid its past mistakes

Sure, we think they’re failures

But from their perspectives, they’re doing just great

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Chicago White Sox 2023 Draft Review: Collegiate Draftees: Picks 8-11, 13

A funky reliever, bat discipline slappers, a three-pitch starter and gold nugget at 13 get our analytical treatment in this edition

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2023 White Sox Draft Review: Collegiate Draftees: Picks 1-4, 6

Drilling down into the numbers that saw Jacob González, Grant Taylor, Seth Keener, Calvin Harris and Lucas Gordon drafted by the White Sox

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WAR, WAR, what is it good for?

What team but the White Sox could be so Seinfeldian?

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No, the White Sox should not trade for Jonathan India

With the trade deadline looming, Cincinnati’s second baseman is one trade candidate to avoid

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Five MLB-ready prospects the White Sox should target at the trade deadline

These prospects could step in and start contributing on Day One

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Is Andrew Vaughn OK?

OK's all he’s been to this point — and that’s the problem

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The overwhelming underperformance of Aaron Bummer, explained

Traditional statistics suggest the southpaw is having a bad year, but advanced stats tell a different story

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Time to apply the Rule of Threes

Mix up the pitching staff and starting rotation? The White Sox are in the perfect position to do it

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The small adjustment behind Luis Robert Jr.’s monster season

Going from a wide-open stance to a relatively closed one — plus a little relaxation — is paying dividends

White Sox, take a hike! Please!

It won’t reflect on your manhood. Honest

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The rise of Luis Robert Jr.

In a miserable season, one person has carried the Chicago White Sox on his back

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The trade the White Sox desperately need to make

It’s the only one that would really matter

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Where do the White Sox go from here?

The upcoming trade deadline leads to a number of questions for a team in limbo

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Coming up short (stop, that is)

Comparing White Sox shortstop defense through the years

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Stardom? Not here

The White Sox lack stars. Let’s uncover the last time they had a consistent superstar


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