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A modest proposal: Game the IL and run out six strong starting pitchers

Instead of having the injured list leave the White Sox short all season, let’s get ahead of it and rotate an extra starter into the mix

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A Rick Hahn Assessment, Part One: Trades

Perhaps not as good or bad as you think, but the GM has been a wash since 2013

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SSS Staff Predictions 2022, revisited: Well, that didn’t go as planned

Everyone was on board with a division win, which means we were all WAY off

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Sharing Sox Podcast 89 — It’s over! It’s over!

On to the ghoulish, October Hahnted house

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The case for re-signing José Abreu

How better management can improve the White Sox defense — without losing their most productive hitter

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Of course Jerry won’t sell

But if he donates, there’s a win-win-win, and keep-on-winning solution

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Jerry Reinsdorf selling? Not on his life

Don’t tease yourself with a fever dream of new White Sox ownership

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Dylan Cease’s new slider is smashing records

How a common pitch, adjusted, is powering the righthander’s dominant season

Trooper Galactus’ Midseason Top 10 Prospect List

Our playoff odds may be down, but our prospect stock is up!

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Leury García is a microcosm of the 2022 White Sox

What happens when role players forego their roles?

Options for when $50 million isn’t enough to build a functioning bullpen

Relievers whose names you probably don’t want to hear

A look at La Russa’s prime

Was the South Side skipper truly ahead of the curve with his decision-making back in the day?

What the trade deadline looks like when your team is bad, your owner is cheap, and your farm system is barren

Trade options for a team with little room to breathe — and few resources to draw from

The White Sox Plague, Part 4: The Players

Where the rubber meets the road, we’re often riding on the rims

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The Chicago White Sox Plague, Part 3: Coaching

It’s hard to take this team seriously when their hiring practices imply they don’t take themselves seriously

The promise of Jake Burger, seen in a single AB

Breaking down a Jake Burger plate appearance (or two) to highlight one of the 2022 season’s few bright spots

The White Sox Plague, Part 2: The Front Office

When you’re set up to fail, you don’t necessarily have to commit to it so hard

The White Sox Plague, Part One: Ownership

Renisdorf don’t spendisdorf

Three knee-jerk trade ideas to jolt the White Sox

Before it’s too late, the South Siders need to bolster the offense

Forget the blockbusters: the White Sox have been terrible at trading for a decade

Examining the team’s trade record in the Rick Hahn era yields a brutal 10 years of dead ends

Michael Kopech: Future Ace

It’s still early, and he won’t carry a full workload in 2022, but the flame-throwing righty has established himself a a rotation mainstay

Help, we need somebody, not just anybody

Last night the lineup was much stronger than today

Do the Right Thing, Rick Hahn

It is past time to say goodbye to Dallas Keuchel and Josh Harrison

Tim Anderson won’t stop improving

An outside look at the star’s leap into the company of the game’s elite shortstops

The White Sox are poised for a run

After a shocking sweep of the Yankees on Sunday, the South Siders are well-positioned to get hot

Lefties key to breaking the White Sox lineup imbalance

The South Siders’ struggles against righthanders dates back to 2020

White Sox playoff chances have rebounded, but championship hopes feel sunk

The ship is slowly righting itself, but the work is far from done.

Hendriks, Foster lead resurgent bullpen

And guess what? It’s a key to the team’s current hot streak

Can small ball fix the dead ball?

Let’s find a lineup that takes the sting out of this new dead-ball era.

Cracking the Top 100

In a farm struggling to re-establish value internally, some players are making some noise in the rankings.

Tuesday Morning Thoughts: How likely is another Crosstown Trade?

Last July, the White Sox and Cubs pulled off one of the most shocking trades of the deadline. Although the South Siders would love to forget last summer’s mistake, could they connect again for another deal in 2022?

Tim Anderson keeps adding to his game at the plate

As the offense flounders, Chicago’s All-Star shortstop has never hit better.