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Chicago Native. Five-tool Player. Music. Sports, Pizza, Sleep, Repeat. Still waiting for Brian Anderson to start hitting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unfortunate Memeing on WST: @SoxTwitt3r Unfortunate Rocking at:

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South Side Sox Bird App Recap: Tamed by the Tigers

Swept by mediocrity

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Bird App Recap: Sox suck, eat Arby’s

Just sell the dang team already

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Twin Killing in Minnesota: Twins 9, White Sox 4

Lance Lynn gives up four bombs, and analytics indicate it’s hard to win when that happens

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Sox Populi Podcast 154/Live Podcast 3 — Post-draft, and the next day of the rest of our White Sox lives

Adrian Serrano and Dante Jones join Brett Ballantini for a live discussion of the 2023 draft, and how this wheezing ballclub gets its way to the finish line

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Bird App Recap: The game Tim played second base

Another day, another descent deeper away from first place

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White Sox Pride

We’re bringing back Adrian Serrano’s best design — the All Sox — which takes the team’s inclusivity efforts to another level

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Bird App Recap: triple triples

The White Sox offense wakes up!

Bird App Recap: The Romy Game part deux

In Romy we trust

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Sox Populi Podcast 144 — Overthrowing Jerry

Chrystal O’Keefe, Adrian Serrano, Malachi Hayes and Melissa Sage-Bollenbach join Brett Ballantini to exert our wills on the White Sox — immediately

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White Sox enuui ’23

Something just feels different this time