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Actor (final credit: murdered by Albert Einstein in "Carnage Hall"), musician (Ethnocentric Republicans), and Nerf hoops champion, Wiffleball aficionado and onetime bilingual kindergarten teacher, Brett Ballantini has written about baseball, basketball and sometimes hockey, for the NBA, MLB, NHL, and Slam, Hoop, Sporting News, the Athletic, Sports Illustrated, South Side Hit Pen, SB Nation and others. He was CSN Chicago’s Blackhawks beat writer when their 49-year Stanley Cup drought ended in 2009-10, and took over the White Sox beat after that. He also wrote a book about Ozzie Guillén but is running out of space, so follow him on Twitter @BrettBallantini and he'll probably tell you even more about himself than you ever wanted to know. To contact the dude that runs this joint:

South Side Sox on the Farm Podcast 19 — 2021 Charlotte Knights Review

Darren Black talks with Brett Ballantini about the Triple-A team with a terrible record — but blue-chip prospects feeding the White Sox.

South Side Sox Podcast 68 — Airing of Soxivus Grievances

Tommy Barbee, Adrian Serrano, Zach Hayes, and Joe Resis join Brett Ballantini to review and explain our top White Sox beefs of 2021.

Soxivus: The Airing of Grievances

With the dust settled on a disappointing end for the White Sox, South Side Sox comes together to wail and moan over the season past.

YoYo, Open Mic Night

The first entry in our offseason player profile series takes us to a coffeehouse filled with clove cigarette smoke, broken promises, and the anguish of dreams unfulfilled.

South Side Sox Slackcast 3 — What to Do With Craig Kimbrel

The White Sox have a decision to make on a $16 million option for 2022 — and it’s not an easy one.

South Side Sox Postgame Podcast 8 — Goodbye, 2021 Season

A six-pack of South Side Sox staffers commiserated postgame to discuss the elimination loss and full series, Tony, season highlights, and the friends we made along the way.

South Side Sox Pregame Podcast 3 — Previewing ALDS Game 4, Plus More Momentum, More Cheating and Yes, More Fan Gatekeeping

Chrystal O’Keefe and Zach Hayes join Brett Ballantini to discuss ALDS Game 4, Houston’s reputation as cheaters coming home to roost, and the pitfalls and ugliness of telling others how to root.

South Side Sox Postgame Podcast 7 — A Huge ALDS Game 3 Win, and a Clear Momentum Shift

Adrian Serrano and Di Billick join Brett Ballantini to discuss the long, magical evening on the South Side, celebrating the heroes and looking ahead to Game 4.

South Side Sox Pregame Podcast 2 — Previewing ALDS Game 3 (The Blackout Game, Redux)

Jacki Krestel joins Brett Ballantini to discuss the series to date, looking ahead to Game 3 and the positive factors kicking in for the White Sox.

South Side Sox Postgame Podcast 6 — The Mysteries of Tony’s Bullpen Management

Adrian Serrano and Zach Hayes join Brett Ballantini to discuss the tough Game 2 loss, and try to find out where the best arm on the roster is hiding.