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[Celeste hired our own AI Writer, Robby the Recapper, to write her site bio, and lucky for her, he was available.] I am Celeste! Hello White Sox! Hello Celeste! I am White Sox Celeste! Writer and also law. I like spaghetti. Also:::Saucy! It is base-ball writer! Hello! Hi White Sox! I am U. of I! I am breaking the law. Hello White Sox! Hello Celeste! I am Celeste! White Sox fan. writer Spaghetti spaghetti night! Good-by! Hello! I am Celeste! You are baseball Base-ball Chicago 9 GO! I am Celeste! Good-by. :01::11001: by

Thank God I’m a Charlotte Boy

Life on the Farm.

Soxivus: The Airing of Grievances

With the dust settled on a disappointing end for the White Sox, South Side Sox comes together to wail and moan over the season past.

South Side Sox Slackcast 3 — What to Do With Craig Kimbrel

The White Sox have a decision to make on a $16 million option for 2022 — and it’s not an easy one.

A Tale of Two Tweets (OK, several more than two): ALDS Game 2

The Astros didn’t beat us. We beat us.

Houston Bests White Sox 6-1 in ALDS Game 1

Oh well.

Gamethread: White Sox at Astros (ALDS Game 1)

May the best Lance Lynn. I mean win.

White Sox Fall to Cleveland 6-0, Yikes

Someone get our defense a map, I think it’s lost.

Gamethread: White Sox at Cleveland, Again

Do we live there now?

South Side Sox Postgame Podcast 4 — White Sox Clinch, Part 2

Tommy Barbee, Celeste Radogno, Chrystal O’Keefe, Tyrone Palmer, Jacki Krestel, Joe Resis and Zach Hayes join Brett Ballantini to celebrate the first division title on the South Side since 2008.

Who is Leury García?

You’ve heard of #LeuryLegend, but have you heard the Legend of Leury?