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Chrystal is an Indiana native who balances her time between Indianapolis and Chicago. She enjoys being a mother, wife and author. In her down time she enjoys petting every dog she sees, getting tattoos, baking and advocating for causes she believes in. But most of all, she enjoys tweeting during baseball and hockey to calm her nerves. You can follow her nonsense here: @chrystal_ok.

Six Pack of Stats: Angels 3, White Sox 2

The magic number remains at seven

Six Pack of Stats: Athletics 5, White Sox 1

On to the next.

Six Pack of Stats: Royals 6, White Sox 0

At least the White Sox can’t lose tomorrow.

Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 10, Royals 7

You gotta be bleeping me! White Sox win!

Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 6, Pirates 3

#AugustAbreu was fun, but it’s time for #SeptemberSheets

Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 13, Cubs 1

The South Siders, and my coverage: Back in the win column

Six Pack of Stats: Blue Jays 3, White Sox 1

Everyone sing "Blame Canada" now

Six Pack of Stats: Rays 9, White Sox 0

In case you turned off the game in a moment of rage, well, the story of the numbers probably won’t make you any happier

South Side Sox Slackcast 2 — The SSS Gang Craps on Field of Dreams

Most of us here don’t care for the film, and express that disdain rather colorfully

Six Pack of Stats: Twins 1, White Sox 0

To the corn fields, I suppose...