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Colleen is better at writing articles and tweets than writing bios. She can be found mostly on Twitter (@colleensullivan) where there's plenty of pictures of her cats and dogs.

White Sox 1, Cleveland 0: Cruising Along to the End

Shane Bieber’s night back spoiled by the champs.

Gamethread: White Sox at Cleveland

The AL Central champs continue their romp around the bases.

Know Your Enemy: Cleveland No Names

Because Cleveland took forever to change their name, I can take as long as I want to recognize it

Know Your Enemy: Detroit Tigers

Still not real tigers, and I don’t have it in me to care

White Sox 8, Rangers 0: Cease, Romy and Robert Pace a Blowout

The South Siders bounce back in Arlington after a pair of painful outings against the Angels

Gamethread: White Sox at Rangers

The devil went down to Arlington.

Know Your Enemy: Texas Rangers

For reasons that defy logic, we go to Arlington in September when it is H-O-T.

Know Your Enemy: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Angels in the outfield, infield, and concourse

White Sox 4, Red Sox 3: Nice Start to the Laundry Day Series

A parade of relievers and some other things

Gamethread: Red Sox at White Sox

A color clash for the ages!