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Colleen is better at writing articles and tweets than writing bios. She can be found mostly on Twitter (@colleensullivan) where there's plenty of pictures of her cats and dogs.

Know Your Enemy: Minnesota Twins

After a dismal White Sox showing in Cleveland, this trip to Minnesota feels almost refreshing.

Know Your Enemy: Cleveland Guardians

Not the worst name they could have picked.

Know Your Enemy: Tampa Bay Rays

They’re still the Devil Rays in my heart.

Know Your Enemy: Rob Manfred

Welcome back to baseball season! Wait, no, I lied.

Tweetstorm (ALDS Game 4): Eliminated at Home Edition

It was long, and it was painful.

Tweetstorm (ALDS Game 1): The Game Was Chaotic, and So Is This

A look at today’s loss through the Twitter prism.

South Side Sox Pregame Podcast 1 — Previewing the ALDS

Joe Resis, Colleen Sullivan and Adrian Serrano join Brett Ballantini to discuss José’s health, Lynn’s promotion, creative uses for Dallas Keuchel and the end of the postseason bench.

Know Your Enemy, ALDS Edition: Houston Astros

The garbage-bangers are back for a postseason matchup.

White Sox 8, Tigers 1: Miguel Cabrera Got a Golden Sombrero

José gets his 30th homer, plus other highlights of the Anderson/Abreu Revenge Game

Gamethread: Tigers at White Sox

Time for the final showdown against the Motor City Kitties