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Colleen is better at writing articles and tweets than writing bios. She can be found mostly on Twitter (@colleensullivan) where there's plenty of pictures of her cats and dogs.

The Stacey King Game Is Ruined by Rain, 7-2 Rout

The guest stars in the booth did not get a good show from the flailing White Sox.

Gamethread: White Sox at Royals

A first place team takes on a team that is struggling quite a bit

Know Your Enemy: Kansas City Royals

Rolling into Kansas City to play the Royals for the 45th time of the season

Know Your Enemy: Pittsburgh Pirates

White Sox vs. Tax Shelter

Know Your Enemy: Chicago Cubs

The White Sox are back home to take on the Ivy Munchers

Know Your Enemy: Toronto Blue Jays

There’s a joke somewhere about going from Florida to Canada

White Sox 7, Rays 5: A Battle Into Extras

In a possible ALCS preview, the first game was off to the races

Gamethread: White Sox at Rays

Is it "Champa Bay" if you’ve only won two major titles?

Know Your Enemy: Tampa Bay Rays

We’re going down to the Trop to face off against another first place team. This will go well

Know Your Enemy: Oakland Athletics

While we usually like the A’s, this week they are not our friends