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Retired / Korean-Canadian / Ex Minor league catcher & pitcher / Current Bar Manager / Twitter @esim3400

Why I wouldn’t play professional baseball again, even if I had the chance

(Hint: I don’t want to be broke)

So you think it’s easy being a (broke) minor league baseball player ...

Sim’s back, and he’s gonna set you straight

At the end of the season, the real work for minor leaguers begins

Think it’s all sandy beaches and piña coladas for the pros? Not quite

What happens when you retire from the minor leagues?

Like any career change, it can lead to unexpectedly great things

Why I was broke as a minor league baseball player

Justifying below-poverty level salary for most, just because of the few who sign for the money people dream of, is wrong

Beware the ides of August

When the dog days strike the minor leagues, minor leaguers strike back

Growing up and learning to play in South Korea

Eric Sim, South Side Sox’s newest writer, gives his harrowing baseball origin story — with a wince and a smile