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Sox Populi Podcast 158 — You cannot take my fandom away

Melissa Sage-Bollenbach, Malachi Hayes, Joe Resis, Ryiin, Jacki Krestel, Brian O’Neill and Brett Ballantini reassess their Chicago White Sox fandom

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Chris Getz named as White Sox general manager

Although no one is really sure why

Bird App Recap: Rockies 11, White Sox 5

It just keeps getting worse

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Bird App Recap: White Sox 5, Guardians 3

A wild night gives way to wild ninth-inning rally

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White Sox 7, Guardians 2: That felt good

Two wins in a row? Is that allowed?

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Gamethread: Guardians at White Sox

If we can’t have lots of wins, let’s at least have lots of fun

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Goodbye Lucas, goodbye Reynaldo

You deserved a little bit better than the White Sox

Baseball Amnesia

What happens when a baseball writer can’t watch baseball?

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Sox Populi Postgame Podcast 17 — UNDEFEATED

We complete the Brady square with a celebratory podcast reviewing Chicago’s 3-2 Opening Night win in Houston

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Bird App Recap: White Sox 3, Astros 2

An Opening Day thriller!