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Goodbye Lucas, goodbye Reynaldo

You deserved a little bit better than the White Sox

Baseball Amnesia

What happens when a baseball writer can’t watch baseball?

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Sox Populi Postgame Podcast 17 — UNDEFEATED

We complete the Brady square with a celebratory podcast reviewing Chicago’s 3-2 Opening Night win in Houston

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Bird App Recap: White Sox 3, Astros 2

An Opening Day thriller!

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SSS Staff MLB Predictions 2023: NL West, power division

Shohei will reign again — and the Dodgers or Padres will take it all

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SSS staff White Sox predictions 2023: split decisions

Twenty-two staffers take a stab at how the South Siders will string us along this season

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White Sox release updated 2023 promotional schedule

Hey everyone, you still shouldn’t look at the tire-fire roster, here’s our FREE STUFF!

I married a Cubs fan

Considering a crosstown relationship? Let me guide you through the process

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Lessons learned from the 2022 Chicago White Sox

A writer’s preseason exposure therapy

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White Sox release 2023 promotional schedule

Hey everyone, don’t mind the tire-fire roster, here’s FREE STUFF!