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Estrogen Power Hour Podcast 2 — PRIDE, Baseball Myths, and Mental Health Double Standards

Chrystal O’Keefe, Janice Scurio, Colleen Sullivan, and Keelin Billue gather round the South Side Sox campfire to discuss LGBTIQA+ representation, mental health, and myths in baseball and beyond

North Side Sox Podcast 16: What’s Eating Lucas Giolito?

Janice and Sam are joined by Michael Ajeto of PitcherList to break down his findings about the White Sox ace

Rick Hahn’s Drag Race: Getaway Day

The runway theme? Yoán Moncada realness

Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 2, Twins 1  

In which Lucas Giolito continues his gorgeous changeup and slider revival

North Side Sox Podcast 15: The Kansas City BBQ

Janice and Sam bring on Royals expert Kevin O’Brien to ask the questions we were all afraid to ask in April

North Side Sox Podcast 14: The Most Spectacular, Absurd, Profane and Accidentally Cogent Crossover Event in White Sox Audio History, Starring the Killer B’s

If you want to hear four of our finest podcast stars get together, crack some beverages, cuss out the worst of the White Sox and gush over the best, we present this hybrid mutant podcast that does eventually end, trust us

Six Pack of Stats: Cleveland 5, White Sox 0

The one where they kept pitching to José Ramírez for some reason

Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 8, Cleveland 5

Tonight’s six pack of CBD seltzers bring a calm to Carlos Rodón’s first start after last week’s no-hitter

North Side Sox Podcast 13: Rodónuts and Coffee

We talk about Carlos Rodón’s sweet success with his high school coach, Holly Springs High School manager Rod Whitesell!

The Big Blurt Podcast 6 — Yermín & Rodón, 2022 and Beyond

Rob Colletti and Bill Meincke welcome Janice Scurio in a discussion of Rodón, Yermín — and In N Out french fries