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The Big Blurt Podcast 6 — Yermín & Rodón, 2022 and Beyond

Rob Colletti and Bill Meincke welcome Janice Scurio in a discussion of Rodón, Yermín — and In N Out french fries

Position Players Pitching: A White Sox Retrospective

When I signed up for the White Sox Speed Pitch Challenge, I considered that maybe I needed to be less José Quintana, and more José Rondón

North Side Sox Podcast 12 — Cut to the Feeling

Sam and Janice are joined by Eric Stephen of Halos Heaven for an Opening Series preview!

North Side Sox Podcast 11: Stirring the Pot!

Sam and Janice are joined by Zach Hayes of PitcherList for a spring training breakdown

North Side Sox Podcast 10 — Running Through Brick Walls

We’re so excited about the White Sox, and to share that enthusiasm, we bring on Sox Machine’s Josh Nelson!

North Side Sox Podcast 9: Raising Arizona

With spring training on the horizon, Jim Callis joins Sam and Janice to talk prospects!

North Side Sox Podcast 8: Minnesota Nice

Janice and Sam talk to Dan Hayes about how recent Twins acquisitions shift the power dynamic in the AL Central

North Side Sox Podcast 7: The Tim Anderson Episode, featuring Herb Lawrence!

Janice and Sam are joined by Herb Lawrence (670 the Score, Locked on Sox) for a lively conversation on the state of the White Sox

North Side Sox Podcast 6: The Hand that Feeds

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world, and lately, baseball offers us no solace from that

North Side Sox Podcast 5: There’s always money in the banana stand

The White Sox are making moves, but we’re always looking for the money