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South Side Sox Podcast 118 — Previewing the “Series of the Season”

Melissa Sage-Bollenbach, Joe Resis, and Jordan Hass join Brett Ballantini to gut-check the playoff chances, and take a look ahead to the big Cleveland face-off

Bird App Recap: White Sox 11, Tigers 5

Big Baby blasts baseballs

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South Side Sox Podcast 116 — Road tripping, Tony’s return, and the sprint to October

Melissa Sage-Bollenbach, Joe Resis, Dante Jones, Adrian Serrano, Jordan Hass and Allie Wesel join Brett Ballantini to catch up on the good, bad and scary of this White Sox September

White Sox 10, Athletics 2: Is this what a good team does?

The offense scores a lot of runs, once again

What would Tony La Russa’s return mean for the White Sox?

Tony bad. Cairo good?

Gamethread: White Sox at Athletics

Lance Lynn is coming off an 11-strikeout outing, can he do it again in Oakland?

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South Side Sox Podcast 114 — White Sox are disappointing, but also betraying our fandom

Chrystal O’Keefe, Joe Resis and Jordan Hass join Brett Ballantini for a broad discussion of what it means to be a South Side fan — and how the 2022 team is evading those expectations

Bird App Recap: Who cares about the score?

Whatever. Sox lose.

Bird App Recap: Diamondbacks 10, White Sox 5

More like White SUX amirite?