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#WhiteSox writer + goof | Ex-Cubs fan | #WhoDat + #TitanUp | Alabama native, Chicago resident ️ | Occasional Potty Mouth

Killer B’s Podcast 11: Wants, Needs, and Doubts on the South Side of Chicago

Tommy Barbee and Keelin Billue hold a retrospective on the 2021 Chicago White Sox season and discuss the trade deadline, mental health in baseball, the sticky substances ban, and a brief history of analytics

Estrogen Power Hour Podcast 4 — The Chris Sale Anniversary — 2021-07-23

Colleen Sullivan, Chrystal O’Keefe, Janice Scurio and Keelin Billue gather together for a special episode to talk about the 2016 jersey mangling, conspiracy theories, and trade deadline wishes

Killer B’s Podcast 10: East Coast Brothas from Other Muthas with Tim Ryder and Colleen Sullivan

Tim Ryder of The Apple, an independent New York Mets outlet, and SSS’s own Colleen Sullivan join Tommy Barbee and Keelin Billue to discuss the first half of the 2021 MLB season

Estrogen Power Hour Podcast 3 — Stop Defending Abusers! Pay Minor Leaguers! Drink Beer (or not)!

Colleen Sullivan, Janice Scurio, Keelin Billue, and Chrystal O’Keefe gather in a post apocalyptic wasteland of Trevor Bauer abuse allegations, minor leaguers struggling to live, and casual racism and xenophobia against non-native English speakers

Estrogen Power Hour Podcast 2.75 — Working Twice as Hard Since Forever

Chrystal O’Keefe, Colleen Sullivan, Janice Scurio and Keelin Billue share thoughts on a little biology lesson about estrogen, sports barriers for women and people of color, allyship, sticky stuff stripping, Carl Nassib, and bag policies

Killer B’s Podcast 9: Babe Ruth Could Have Been Hitting Juiced Balls

Bioinformatician and neuroscientist Max Bay joins us to discuss Grandal’s method to madness, the Dodgers 2021 season, and the MLB’s current sticky substance witch hunt

Estrogen Power Hour Podcast 2 — PRIDE, Baseball Myths, and Mental Health Double Standards

Chrystal O’Keefe, Janice Scurio, Colleen Sullivan, and Keelin Billue gather round the South Side Sox campfire to discuss LGBTIQA+ representation, mental health, and myths in baseball and beyond

Struggles at La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation Highlight a Pattern of Internal Feuding

The White Sox manager heads up two organizations where his version of the truth is at odds with those under his purview

Is This Our First All-Woman White Sox Podcast?

Chrystal O’Keefe, Colleen Sullivan, and Keelin Billue join forces to talk America’s favorite pastimes: death and baseball

North Side Sox Podcast 14: The Most Spectacular, Absurd, Profane and Accidentally Cogent Crossover Event in White Sox Audio History, Starring the Killer B’s

If you want to hear four of our finest podcast stars get together, crack some beverages, cuss out the worst of the White Sox and gush over the best, we present this hybrid mutant podcast that does eventually end, trust us