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Getting up to speed with the White Sox

The jump up to the majors is the fastest, and harshest, move of all

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Won’t be fun to watch the White Sox this year, but the lies about The 78 should be amusing

The falsehoods from the team and developer are off and running

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Let the people speak, White Sox — we dare you

The people’s money for a fancy new park? Let’s vote on it!

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Sharing Sox Podcast 123 — Welcome to 2024, such as it is

But at least we’ll have the Gruel of 78

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The 78 proposal: One White Sox con job, coming up

That hand you feel in your pocket is Jerry Reinsdorf’s

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The White Sox can strike gold!

And they already have the attitude for it

White Sox looking good for 2024!

That is, as long as you look from a very particular angle

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Sharing Sox Podcast 122 — Escaping 2023!

But having to face 2024

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Hallelujah White Sox!!!

’Tis the offseason to be jolly

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White Sox can rule — with the Rule of Threes

Never before has any team been more likely to benefit