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Sharing Sox Podcast s22e20 — Longtalk about shortstops

Could Andrelton Simmons save the day?

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Sharing Sox Podcast s22e19 — Deadline Schmedline

Do only the Twins want to win this mess?

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Sharing Sox Podcast s22e18 — Rocky Mountain Low

But 17 more in a row against terrible teams, right?

Graveman digs Sox grave, man

Rockies win on walk-off after triple walks, 6-5

Gamethread: White Sox at Rockies

Is two over .500 possible?

Sharing Sox Podcast s22e17: All-Star Break breaks

Looking back, looking forward, looking askance

Grading the White Sox first half

We’ve spent weeks in the lab to develop our new metric, WARsss — and we’re debuting it for you!

Sharing Sox Podcast s22e16: A Nightengale Sang

What will the next mysterious intentional walk be?

Not even close: Guardians 8, White Sox 4

Better worry a whole lot about Lance Lynn.

Gamethread: White Sox at Guardians

Can’t get a much better gut-check of the team than eight games in seven days on the road