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Sharing Sox Podcast 118 — The nightmare is almost over!

Until spring, anyway

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Into the valley of death ...

The magic number is almost here!

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Washington scored their season high in runs!

But the White Sox only lost by 10, 13-3

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Gamethread: White Sox at Nationals

The South Siders join the opener movement

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Sharing Sox Podcast 117 — Just two weeks to go!

The end is near — hallelujah!

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Colás No Más, Alás

A fundamental White Sox problem

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Who says you can’t fire the team?

It’s time to give it a try

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White Sox Royally stomped by worst team in baseball, 12-1

And it wasn’t really that close

Gamethread: White Sox at Royals

Somebody has to win it, right?

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Sharing Sox Podcast 116 — What you see is what you Getz

Jerrymandering isn’t just for crooked politicians