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Gamethread: Rangers at White Sox

Let the chants begin!

Sharing Sox Podcast 72: Managerial Malpractice Edition

Plus, a search for the empty suits in the executive suites

Sharing Sox Podcast 71: Weeping and Wailing Edition

Plus, where does the HOFBP get off speaking for military veterans?

White Sox swept by Jays, 8-3

It was not a pleasant visit to Canada

Gamethread: White Sox at Blue Jays

Keep the Canadian brooms on the curling sheet where they belong

Sharing Sox Podcast 70: Special 538 Edition

Back from hiatus, with Neil Paine from Five Thirty Eight

White Sox flush Royals, 7-4

It’s the Tim and Luis show!

Gamethread: White Sox at Royals

The South Siders can’t lose this one, can they?

White Sox dethrone Royals, 3-0, in doubleheader opener

A happy José saves the day.

Gamethread: White Sox at Royals (opener)

If the second game of a doubleheader is a nightcap, should the first one be a dayhat?