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South Side Sox Slackcast 5: A Seat at the Table

Do salary limitations cap how good the White Sox can be?

South Side Sox Slackcast 4: Dallas Keuchel Wins the Gold Glove

We can’t really do this one straight.

Luke Smailes’ White Sox Offseason Plan

Trades? Trades! The Sox make four pivotal trades as the contention window is busted open.

White Sox Options: Kimbrel In, Hernández Out

Rick Hahn rolls the dice on a future trade, or better usage, for his "second closer."

South Side Sox Slackcast 3 — What to Do With Craig Kimbrel

The White Sox have a decision to make on a $16 million option for 2022 — and it’s not an easy one.

Dugout Metrics Podcast 7 — Hitting the Road, Optimizing the Lineup, and Other Looks at White Sox-Astros

Trevor Lines and Luke Smailes are back! Hey, let’s talk some playoffs, with an ex-players’ and metrics take.

Optimizing the White Sox Playoff Lineup, for Game 1 and Beyond

Comparing The Book’s batting-order principles and Tony La Russa’s brain.

South Side Sox Slackcast 2 — The SSS Gang Craps on Field of Dreams

Most of us here don’t care for the film, and express that disdain rather colorfully

Dugout Metrics Podcast 6 — Reviewing the White Sox Trade Deadline, In and Out

Trevor Lines and Luke Smailes are back to chat, because the youths demand it

The Most Unexciting, Yet Useful Potential White Sox Trade Deadline Haul

Let’s not get our hopes up too much this week, or we can at least become pleasantly surprised — three trades for the realist White Sox fan