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Royals beat White Sox 4-2; Sox offense stays cold

Two home runs doom James Shields in the loss...

Gamethread: Royals at White Sox

A primetime White Sox-Royals showdown...what more do you want?

Blue Jays beat White Sox, 10-5; López’s struggles continue

Lopey didn’t have it, but Matt Davidson did!

Gamethread: Blue Jays at White Sox

What did the Chris Volstad era mean to you?

Know Your Enemy: Los Angeles Angels

Mike Trout’s really good, but the Angels are in fourth can that be?

Mariners beat White Sox 8-2; first inning dooms Lopez

Lopez’s early control issues comes back to hurt him...

Gamethread: White Sox at Mariners

Sox look to take the series this afternoon against the M’s...

White Sox beat Cardinals 4-0; Rodon turns in best performance of his season

Tonight’s game juuusssttt a bit different than last night’s

Gamethread: Cardinals at White Sox

It can’t get much worse, right?

Cardinals embarrass White Sox 14-2; Fowler, Wong add insult to injuries

Game 91 is one to forget ...