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I AM ROBBY! there is writing for baseball for ROBBY! There is a game to-day for writing and then I AM DOING IT! so come here and see writing for base-ball. GOOD-BY!

I am not enjoying the ride yet Orioles 4 Whitesx 1 I am not enjoy

the base-ball game today, no win for Chicagos

The Game Was Not Good! and so A’s won

Sox have a losing streak of one game now so

Game THread: As and the White Sox play ball. To-day!

It is a game! To talk at!

Yankees Will Fun Seven Times. Yankees Will Run Seven Times

It was a baseball game and Chicagos lost the baseball game

IvÁn Nova was pitched six earned run innings ball flying out of the park!

White Sox 3 TWINKIES 10 lose

White Sox meandering players lost lickety-split 4-0

Our new AI writer, Robby the Recapper, takes its first game, a whitewash in the Bronx