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South Side Sox Podcast 101 — Diminished expectations

Adrian Serrano, Chrystal O’Keefe, Tommy Barbee, Sam Sherman and Joe Resis check in with Brett Ballantini to discuss a rough first fifth of the season — and how to adjust expectations the rest of the way

Yankees 10, White Sox 4: What did you expect?

Offense: Bad. Pitching: Bad. Defense: Bad. Game: Bad.

Gamethread: Yankees at White Sox

South Siders face off against an ace ... what could possibly go wrong?

Can small ball fix the dead ball?

Let’s find a lineup that takes the sting out of this new dead-ball era.

White Sox Group Therapy Session 1

On the heels of a seven-game losing streak, Sam Sherman assembled an SSS support group to help him work through his sports fan emotions.

South Side Sox Podcast 98 — 2022 MLB predictions

Trooper Galactus, Chrystal O’Keefe, Zach Hayes and Tommy Barbee check in with Brett Ballantini to discuss the staff’s picks for the White Sox and MLB in the coming year.

South Side Sox Podcast 96 — The White Sox made great moves today (the podcast)

The group gets together to talk AJ Pollock/Craig Kimbrel, Lucas Giolito, Garrett Crochet and revised offseason grades for Rick Hahn.

South Side Sox Podcast 92 — A ho-hum start to Offseason No. 2

Tommy Barbee, Trooper Galactus, Sam Reeves, Zach Hayes and Brett Ballantini discuss the White Sox deals — or lack thereof — leading into spring training.

South Side Sox Podcast 89 — Negotiating With MLB Is Like Arguing With a Child

Kristina Airdo, Jacki Krestel, Zach Hayes, Tommy Barbee, Delia Ritchie and Brett Ballantini chat about more lost games, bad-faith ploys, and a new, insidious turn in CBA talks.

South Side Sox Podcast 87 - A Wake for MLB

A huge group of SSS writers hopping on to discuss the catastrophic turn of CBA events for the day.