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Dugout Metrics Podcast 8 — Trade deadline review

Trevor Lines and Malachi Hayes hop on with Brett Ballantini to break down each trade of the latest Rick Hahn reshuffle

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SSS Staff MLB Predictions 2023: NL West, power division

Shohei will reign again — and the Dodgers or Padres will take it all

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SSS staff White Sox predictions 2023: split decisions

Twenty-two staffers take a stab at how the South Siders will string us along this season

Grading the White Sox: Andrew Vaughn

D Roughly and Carry a Big Stick

Grading the White Sox: Aaron Bummer

The stuff is always there, the command is hit or miss

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South Side Sox Podcast s22e35 — White Sox woes, and how they get fixed

Adrian Serrano, Dante Jones, Trevor Lines, Joe Resis and Jordan Hass join Brett Ballantini to discuss the immediate and long-term fortunes of our beloved club

Grading the White Sox first half

We’ve spent weeks in the lab to develop our new metric, WARsss — and we’re debuting it for you!

No-Fly Zone, with Aaron Bummer

Getting the southpaw setup expert back to 2019 results, with a simple tweak.

Threading the needle with Andrew Vaughn

Preparing for the future without sacrificing the urgency to win now.

South Side Sox Pregame Podcast 5 — Welcome to Opening Day 2022!

It’s a full crew of site regulars, chiming in with the most pleasing, disappointing and surprising White Sox heading into the new season.