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South Side Sox Slackcast 5: A Seat at the Table

Do salary limitations cap how good the White Sox can be?

South Side Sox Slackcast 4: Dallas Keuchel Wins the Gold Glove

We can’t really do this one straight.

Soxivus: The Airing of Grievances

With the dust settled on a disappointing end for the White Sox, South Side Sox comes together to wail and moan over the season past.

South Side Sox Slackcast 3 — What to Do With Craig Kimbrel

The White Sox have a decision to make on a $16 million option for 2022 — and it’s not an easy one.

South Side Sox Postgame Podcast 4 — White Sox Clinch, Part 2

Tommy Barbee, Celeste Radogno, Chrystal O’Keefe, Tyrone Palmer, Jacki Krestel, Joe Resis and Zach Hayes join Brett Ballantini to celebrate the first division title on the South Side since 2008.

Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 9, Yankees 8

Is this heaven? No, it’s a Tim Anderson walk-off

South Side Sox Slackcast 2 — The SSS Gang Craps on Field of Dreams

Most of us here don’t care for the film, and express that disdain rather colorfully

Twins 1, White Sox 0: Sleepwalking Through Field of Dreams Tune-Up

B-lineup can’t touch Minny’s mighty arms

Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 4, Cubs 0

South Siders shut out Iowa Cubs in preparation for Field of Dreams Game

Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 8, Cubs 6 (10 innings)

All’s well that ends well, even if it takes four-and-a-half hours