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Bird App Recap

Bird App Recap: Astros 3, Phillies 2 (World Series Game 5)

Philadelphia is still looking for their stranded runners, wondering why they never came home

Bird App Recap: Astros 5, Phillies 0 (World Series Game 4)

Yep, it was a no-hitter. Don’t expect us to be happy about it

Bird App Recap: Astros 5, Phillies 2 (World Series Game 2)

So, the bat was illegal, you say?

ALDS Game 5 Bird App Recap: Yankees 5, Guardians 1

Cleveland’s World Series hopes and dreams fall short, as New York puts the upstarts to rest

Bird App Recap: I was promised a parade

And out with a whimper.

Bird App Recap: White Sox 3, Twins 2

Never in doubt, right?

Bird App Recap: Is anyone even watching anymore?

A pitchers’ duel? Sure, why not?

Bird App Recap: Padres 5, White Sox 2

Cease’s final start of 2022 ends in the usual sorrow

Bird App Recap: White Sox 3, Padres 1

Yu can’t hang with the South Siders

Bird App Recap: Twins 8, White Sox 4

You already know.

Bird App Recap: Twins 4, White Sox 0

The seventh loss in a row! If you are still keeping count



Bird App Recap: Tigers 5, White Sox 3

Did it just get worse?

Bird App Recap: Guardians 4, White Sox 2

This ride suuuuuuuucks

Bird App Recap: Guardians 8, White Sox 2

Literally not one minute of that game was fun

Bird App Recap: Guardians 10, White Sox 7 (11 innings)

The South Siders get steamrolled in extra innings to effectively end their season. What a time to be alive!

Bird App Recap: White Sox 11, Tigers 5

Big Baby blasts baseballs

Bird App Recap: Groundhog Day?

Only five hits — but that’s all it takes for the White Sox to win.

Bird App Recap: Can we get this over with so we can do something else?

South Siders suffer what is easily the 16th-worse loss of the season

Bird App Recap: White Sox 8, Guardians 2

The South Siders slug five home runs and get back a game from Cleveland

Bird App Recap: Athletics 10, White Sox 3

The South Siders fall hard, and we’re not saying Tony is to blame — but he might be to blame

Bird App Recap: White Sox 10, Athletics 2

South Siders string together 20 hits (18 singles) to secure a series victory

Bird App Recap: White Sox 5, Athletics 3

A team that was being no-hit through six somehow still won

Bird App Recap: White Sox 14, Athletics 2

Well, that was fun.

Bird App Recap: Mariners 3, White Sox 0

We suck again.

Bird App Recap: White Sox 3, Mariners 2

The Good Guys take a nail-biter in Seattle to kick the week off

Bird App Recap: Twins 5, White Sox 1

South Siders stopped short of the sweep, hit the road for a tough week

Bird App Recap: Two strikes from immortality

Dylan Cease goes 8 2⁄3 hitless in White Sox romp

Bird App Recap: Double Fireworks Night!

Walk-off HBP fielder’s choice!

Bird App Recap: White Sox 7, Royals 1

Fans reacted as the South Siders beat Kansas City

Bird App Recap: White Sox 4, Royals 2

The White Sox did what??

Bird App Recap: Royals 9, White Sox 7

White Sox pitching spoils the Gavin Sheets Game