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Carlos Rodón

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Today in White Sox History: September 12

Minnie makes history!

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Today in White Sox History: July 18

Single-game hitting feats that remain unequaled

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Today in White Sox History: July 13

Two All-Star Game saves, exactly 67 years apart

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Today in White Sox History: July 6

All-Star spectaculars, and a cycle to boot

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Today in White Sox History: June 3

Dave goes deep

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Today in White Sox History: April 14

No-hitters, one-hitters, and almost-perfect games

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A Rick Hahn Assessment, Part Two: Free Agency

Unlike his modestly-positive work with trades, the free market is what has destroyed the White Sox over the past decade

Today in White Sox History: March 14

Los leaves town

Today in White Sox History: July 6

Milestone All-Star wins for the AL, 50 years apart

Today in White Sox History: June 3

A devastating injury, and a quick debut.

Today in White Sox History: April 14

No-hitters — 104 years apart!

Carlos Rodón to the Giants, as free agency begins

A look back on the lefty’s White Sox career and what is next for him.

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Carlos Rodón: His Past, Present and Future With the White Sox

The southpaw was incredible in 2021, but if he does it again next year, will it be in a White Sox uniform?

Breaking: Team With Three Starters Scoffs Away a No-Brainer Fourth

Carlos Rodón does not get a qualifying offer, because who needs that Cy Young-quality arm or comp pick, anyway.

Offseason Decision: Los’ QO

Too much money, for too little Carlos Rodón?

The Rodón Dilemma

The southpaw continues to be challenged by injuries, so should the White Sox extend his time on the South Side into 2022 and possibly beyond?

South Side Sox 2021 Player of the Year: Carlos Rodón

With an artist’s touch, Los sculpted a career-defining year and created one of the most impressive comeback tales in recent memory.

Tigers claw White Sox again, 5-3

But Sox win the LOB battle, 13-10

White Sox First-Half Unsung Heroes

The ballot is packed with overachievers this season

South Side Sox 2021 Player of the Week (ending June 19): Carlos Rodón

Lós torments the Tigers and tattoos Texas in a pair of no-hit bids

Carlos Rodón and the Game of Inches

Although today was another a notch in the win column for the White Sox, it will be remembered as a moment in time that never was for Hard Karl

Therapy Thursday: A Place to Process the Events and Games of the Past

Introducing a safe spot to vent and wax psychological about the players and staff of our favorite team

White Sox shut out by Cardinals, 4-0

Another waste of a brilliant Carlos Rodón performance

Sharing Sox Podcast 35: Dylan Ohtani Edition

Or, "Who needs to know the rules, anyway" edition?

White Sox 3, Tigers 1: Rodón the Destroyer Takes Control

Carlos Rodón helps the White Sox take the opener of today’s doubleheader

Sharing Sox Podcast 33: Giving Up When Six Down Edition

Yep, we’re pitching a position on position player pitching

Carlos Rodón No-Hits His Way to Redemption

The reascending star shows why you should never quit, even when the odds are against you

South Side Sox 2021 Player of the Week (ending April 16): Carlos Rodón

In his dominant no-hitter, Los showed Chicago his fire

Say Yes-Yes to Rodón’s No-No

Breaking T busts out an instashirt commemorating Carlos’ monumental game

White Sox 8, Cleveland 0: Carlos NO-dón, the White Sox Lefty Throws a No-Hitter!

The bats come alive, to secure the 20th no-hitter in White Sox history

South Side Sox Postgame Podcast 2 — Carlos Rodón Throws a No-No!

Chrystal O’Keefe and Joe Resis join Brett Ballantini to celebrate a no-hitter — and marvel at Yermín!

Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 8, Cleveland 0

Carlos Rodón throws a no-hitter, and the White Sox offense finds its groove


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