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Carlos Rodón

South Side Sox 2021 Player of the Year: Carlos Rodón

With an artist’s touch, Los sculpted a career-defining year and created one of the most impressive comeback tales in recent memory.

Tigers claw White Sox again, 5-3

But Sox win the LOB battle, 13-10

White Sox First-Half Unsung Heroes

The ballot is packed with overachievers this season

South Side Sox 2021 Player of the Week (ending June 19): Carlos Rodón

Lós torments the Tigers and tattoos Texas in a pair of no-hit bids

Carlos Rodón and the Game of Inches

Although today was another a notch in the win column for the White Sox, it will be remembered as a moment in time that never was for Hard Karl

Therapy Thursday: A Place to Process the Events and Games of the Past

Introducing a safe spot to vent and wax psychological about the players and staff of our favorite team

White Sox shut out by Cardinals, 4-0

Another waste of a brilliant Carlos Rodón performance

Sharing Sox Podcast 35: Dylan Ohtani Edition

Or, "Who needs to know the rules, anyway" edition?

White Sox 3, Tigers 1: Rodón the Destroyer Takes Control

Carlos Rodón helps the White Sox take the opener of today’s doubleheader

Sharing Sox Podcast 33: Giving Up When Six Down Edition

Yep, we’re pitching a position on position player pitching

Carlos Rodón No-Hits His Way to Redemption

The reascending star shows why you should never quit, even when the odds are against you

South Side Sox 2021 Player of the Week (ending April 16): Carlos Rodón

In his dominant no-hitter, Los showed Chicago his fire

Say Yes-Yes to Rodón’s No-No

Breaking T busts out an instashirt commemorating Carlos’ monumental game

White Sox 8, Cleveland 0: Carlos NO-dón, the White Sox Lefty Throws a No-Hitter!

The bats come alive, to secure the 20th no-hitter in White Sox history

South Side Sox Postgame Podcast 2 — Carlos Rodón Throws a No-No!

Chrystal O’Keefe and Joe Resis join Brett Ballantini to celebrate a no-hitter — and marvel at Yermín!

Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 8, Cleveland 0

Carlos Rodón throws a no-hitter, and the White Sox offense finds its groove

Carlos Rodón No-Hits Cleveland

Perfect game, lost in ninth, turns into 20th no-hitter in White Sox history

Sharing Sox Podcast 30: Opening Day Edition

Can improvement from Dylan Cease and Carlos Rodón overcome the loss of Eloy Jiménez?

South Side Sox Player of the Week (ending March 28): Carlos Rodón

After a sturdy spring showing, Los has staked his claim as a White Sox starter

Sox debubble the Brewers, 7-5

A little long ball action pays off

Gamethread: White Sox at Brewers

It’s a bird, it’s a plane ... it’s SuperVaughn!

White Sox 4, Diamondbacks 4: Ninth-Inning Surge for the Sox!

Carlos Rodón delivers early, and the offense delivers late to secure the tie

Sharing Sox Podcast 25 — Full Spring Training Edition

Well, full except for Covid-delayed José Abreu

Sharing Sox Podcast 25 — Spring Has Sprung Edition

Pitchers and catchers report, oh, my!

Sharing Sox Podcast 24: Rodón Less Traveled Edition

With our Carlos on Cruz control

Killer B’s Podcast 3: Pouring One Out for Rodón and Mazara

Tommy Barbee and Keelin Billue talk non-tenders, fielding and hitting options, the Chicago Cubs’ seeming implosion, and the cinema classic Showgirls

Rodón and Mazara non-tendered

Jace Fry the is first arb-eligible to fall, signing for 2021 at less than a million

The Torture Never Stops: Rodón to IL, TJS is ‘on the table’

Time for open tryouts to find the next Kevin Hickey?

Game 1: At least the hot dogs were a dollar

Dozens of fans witness Chicago’s third loss to Baltimore in five tries, 5-4

What to do about the starters?

After a series in Baltimore that headlined Bañuelos, Nova and Santana, White Sox fans wonder how we got here

Value Survey: Game 21

Tim Anderson refuses to relinquish his status as the top surplus value player for the White Sox to begin 2019

A White Sox winner for Timmy!

South Siders drill Detroit, 7-3, in what is clearly becoming The Year of Headband Moncada


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