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Chris Getz

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Gamethread: Diamondbacks at White Sox

Closing in on 100 losses

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Bannister, Barfield, Watson to join White Sox front office

Getz goes out and gets some coveted execs OUTSIDE of 35th & Shields!

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Sox Populi Podcast 159 — Boy the White Sox are bad

Brian O’Neill and Brett Ballantini have the fortitude to study this stool sample of a South Side squad

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Who says you can’t fire the team?

It’s time to give it a try

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Sharing Sox Podcast 116 — What you see is what you Getz

Jerrymandering isn’t just for crooked politicians

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The Peter Principle wears White Sox

As percussive sublimation rules

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It’s official: Chris Getz named White Sox general manager

The face has changed, but the narrative has not — here are the lowlights of a dog-and-pony afternoon

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Sox Populi Podcast 158 — You cannot take my fandom away

Melissa Sage-Bollenbach, Malachi Hayes, Joe Resis, Ryiin, Jacki Krestel, Brian O’Neill and Brett Ballantini reassess their Chicago White Sox fandom

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Chris Getz named as White Sox general manager

Although no one is really sure why

Jerry Gets His Way

We get steamrolled by someone else’s luck

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Has Reinsdorf ever cared?

As long as you line his pockets, Jerry doesn’t care how dejected you are