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Leigh Allan's coded quote game.

Cryptosoxery: Final Spring Answer

Ozzie relates to the masses

SSS Cryptosoxery #13: A Final One, for the Fans

It’s our last quiz before the regular season break!

SSS Cryptosoxery #12

Putting a little spin on the game

SSS Cryposoxery #11

Prospect evaluation ain’t all it’s cracked up to be

SSS Cryptosoxery #10

Newfangledness isn’t so newfangled after all

SSS Cryptosoxery #9

A little spring training for us all

SSS Cryptosoxery #8

Funny what you find when you’re not looking for it

South Side Sox Cryptosoxery #7

Another Sox newbie had something to say

SSS Cryptosoxery #6

A little advice to the front office from an expert

Cryptosoxery #5

One of the newbies has big hopes

SSS Cryptosoxery #4

This week’s word quiz comes from an actually self-effacing new guy

SSS Cryptosoxery #3

It’s a resurrection of a much more minor insurrection

SSS Cryptosoxery #2

Featuring the White Sox quote of the year

SSS Cryptosoxery #1

A new offseason of White Sox puzzlement begins