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Dallas Keuchel

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Today in White Sox History: August 27

Back-to-back-to-back as part of a four-homer attack

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Today in White Sox History: April 20

Dallas’ slide starts

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A Rick Hahn Assessment, Part Two: Free Agency

Unlike his modestly-positive work with trades, the free market is what has destroyed the White Sox over the past decade

Today in White Sox History: December 21

Two careers that tanked after leaving Chicago

Grading the White Sox: Dallas Keuchel

Our first big offseason series kicks off with the worst of the 2022 class, Kid Keuchy

White Sox fans won’t have Dallas Keuchel to kick around any longer

Veteran southpaw, owed another $13 million for this season, gets tossed in the dumpster

Do the Right Thing, Rick Hahn

It is past time to say goodbye to Dallas Keuchel and Josh Harrison

Can Dallas Keuchel have a bounce-back season?

He’ll have to, to help a possible World Series run.