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MLB completes first draft lottery

Pirates snag first overall pick for 2023, Twins get lucky, Sox ... don’t

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SSS on the Farm Podcast v22e7 — 2022 draft review

Darren Black and Brett Ballantini review the 20 White Sox picks, plus select UDFAs

White Sox select RHRP Ethan Hammerberg in 20th round (No. 611 overall)

Another big hurler, this one playing his way onto the board with an outstanding summer league run

White Sox select 3B Drake Logan in 19th round (No. 581 overall)

Already mashing but with room to add power, this tall contender for the hot corner could be a sneaky steal

White Sox select 3B Bryce Willits in 18th round (No. 551 overall)

This lefty bat took a huge leap forward with an outstanding 2022 season

White Sox select RHSP/SS Nick Altermatt in 17th round (No. 521 overall)

Yeah, just your standard-issue, two-way ace/masher from up there in Minnesota

White Sox select RHRP Tristan Stivors in 16th round (No. 491 overall)

Coming off of a stellar relief year for Texas State in which he led the nation in saves, this closer might move quickly in the system

White Sox select RHP Billy Seidl in 15th round (No. 461 overall)

Another project, this time from on the right side, a veteran of ACC battles with Duke University

White Sox select LHP Shane Murphy in 14th round (No. 431 overall)

The first true wild card of the South Side draft comes in this mystery lefty out of Chandler-Gilbert CC in Arizona

White Sox select RHSP Mason Adams in 13th round (No. 401 overall)

A strong 2021 summer league thrust this righty into the top spot in Jacksonville University’s rotation

White Sox select RF/3B Brooks Baldwin in 12th round (No. 371 overall)

Listed as a 3B by the White Sox drafting him, it’s safe to say that this switch-hitter brings positional versatility to the organization

White Sox select CF Jacob Burke in 11th round (No. 341 overall)

The University of Miami’s Rookie of the Year brings impressive two-way play to one of the toughest spots on the diamond

White Sox select 1B Tim Elko in 10th round (No. 311 overall)

An Ole Miss legend, with big power and leadership at the ready.

White Sox select Michael Turner in ninth round (No. 281 overall)

This catcher really stepped it up this summer, keying Arkansas’ run to the College World Series

White Sox select 2B Mario Camilletti in the eighth round (No. 251 overall)

An on-base machine with a face that South Side fans will love.

White Sox select RHRP Mark McLaughlin in seventh round (No. 221 overall)

With a laughably good strikeouts per nine, this righthander may be ready to move fast through the system

White Sox select RHRP Eric Adler in sixth round (No. 191 overall)

Wonky control and command, but in possession of a "death slider?" This Wake Forest righty is definitely welcome

White Sox select LHSP Tyler Schweitzer in fifth round (No. 161 overall)

It’s time for a crafty lefthander pick — plus an obligatory state of Indiana pick (h/t @JamesOs30988211 and @JResis)

White Sox select SS Jordan Sprinkle in fourth round (No. 131 overall)

The first player pick is a defensive wizard at shortstop

White Sox select RHSP Jonathan Cannon in third round (No. 101 overall)

Another tall pitcher, this one bringing incredible control to the White Sox system

White Sox select LHSP Noah Schultz in first round (No. 26 overall)

The fireballer is a Vanderbilt commit, but Rick Hahn has at least 2,789,400 reasons why he should start his studies at Camelback Ranch this summer

White Sox select RHSP Peyton Pallette in second round (No. 62 overall)

The righty had Tommy John this year, but was considered one of the top college arms in this draft

White Sox Minor League Update: March 4

The cancellation of the Rule 5 draft would affect every minor leaguer.

Feeling less bad about White Sox drafts

Sure, the South Siders have had some draft busts, but they’re hardly alone.

Notable Selections From the White Sox 2021 Draft

Reaching out to players, teammates, coaches and scouts gives us a sharper picture of Chicago’s stellar drafting 10 days ago

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White Sox Select Haylen Green in the 20th round (605th overall)

Green, a lefty reliever, ended his college career as the TCU closer.

White Sox Select Shawn Goosenberg in the 19th round (575th selection)

The South Siders added a Northwestern infielder late in the MLB Draft.

White Sox Take Outfielder Cameron Butler in the 15th Round (455th overall)

The South Siders continued their trend of selecting high-upside high schoolers on Day 3.

White Sox Select Adam Hackenberg in the 18th round (545th overall)

The South Siders picked their second catcher of the day.