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FanPulse: The cheating scandal

Fans weigh in on the punishment, where it ranks all-time, and a shot at redemption

FanPulse: Yes, we can (contend for a title)!

(presumably, if we buy up a few players this winter)

FanPulse: Astros dominate the popular vote

While many hoped for a Nationals miracle, most minds went with Houston

FanPulse: We got what we wanted!

Plus, you’ll never guess (oh wait, you will) who the worst fans in baseball are ...

FanPulse: Who we wanted to lose, lost

Natch, the Yankees and Dodgers were the teams fans most rooted against

FanPulse: Confidence in White Sox direction? Steady

Looking ahead, almost two-thirds of fans are feeling good heading into the offseason

FanPulse: Confidence in White Sox direction? Trending up

After bottoming out in September, the White Sox held it together and have us feeling pretty OK looking to 2020

Oh, Ricky

As confidence in the White Sox takes another hit, support of Renteria hits a season-low

White Sox fans feeling Rickrolled

As confidence in the organization steadies, Renteria is floundering

FanPulse: Confidence in White Sox direction? Trepidatious

Morale over the team’s future is at a season-long low

FanPulse: Faith in Ricky? Still wavering

White Sox fans don’t know much what to do with their manager

SB Nation FanPulse: Vaughn pick is a home run

White Sox fans give Rick Hahn and the draft team an ‘A’ for this year’s first-rounder

SB Nation FanPulse: Four-game win streak? Still dour

Although the polling ended in the midst of this latest win streak, White Sox fans are skeptical

SB Nation FanPulse: White Sox fans are nervous about the No. 3

Confidence is low in Rick Hahn’s ability to hit a home run, even with a plum pick in next month’s draft

SB Nation FanPulse: White Sox fan confidence hits a season high

(And yes, the poll was conducted before a series loss to the Baltimore Orioles)

SB Nation FanPulse: Ricky Renteria’s running hot

White Sox fans issue both their manager and team direction two-thirds approval

SB Nation FanPulse: An uptick in fan confidence?

White Sox fans were ... encouraged by a winless week. But we love our bat flips!

SB Nation FanPulse: White Sox fans are split regarding the direction of the team

Another slow start, a failed offseason, injuries ... it’s sort of surprising the front office got 50% backing

SB Nation FanPulse: White Sox fans like the job Rick Renteria is doing as manager

He may bunt a bit too much and arbitrarily bench non-hustlers, but the man makes a mean ceviche