"Fastball" on Netflix Now


Just saw this--- great documentary on the fastball through the ages. From Walter Johnson to Aroldis Chapman., with some Bob Feller, Nolan Ryan, Sandy Koufax and Steve Dalkowski et. al. in between.

99% invisible "On Ballparks", AKA "What we Lost in the Demolition"


This is a fascinating look at how modern ballparks were forever changed by the opening of Camden Yards, and while the White Sox stadium was never mentioned in the podcast, its opening 1 year prior is stark and bitter contrast to the new paradigm in ball parks, down to the use (or refusal) to use the word Stadium in reference to a baseball facility. We can only lament 'what could have been'.

White Sox Spring Broadcast Schedule


These are the White Sox' broadcasts for the spring. This doesn't include the other teams' broadcasts so there should be a few extra games to watch.

Dick Allen & four others who fell a single vote shy of the HOF


Article focuses on five candidates who came one vote away from HOF. Of the five, only Allen & maybe Marvin Miller would get my vote.

Weird statistical finishes of Frazier's 40 home run & Shields' 19 loss seasons


Articles examines odd statistical finishes of 2016, including Frazier missing 100 RBIs despite 40 homers and Shields just missing lossing 20

Offseason Plans with 2017 Steamer Projections


Will update as other projections are released.

Harold Baines isn't banking on his Hall of Fame chances


Harold Baines is up for the Hall of Fame again, this time via the Today's Game Ballot in December.

mike's 2017 offseason plan roundup


Indexed rosters. I'll add projections as they're released.

2016 Offseason Plan Tallies


updated with 2016 BP WARP for catcher, fWAR for pitchers and other position players