Harold Baines isn't banking on his Hall of Fame chances


Harold Baines is up for the Hall of Fame again, this time via the Today's Game Ballot in December.

mike's 2017 offseason plan roundup


Indexed rosters. I'll add projections as they're released.

2016 Offseason Plan Tallies


updated with 2016 BP WARP for catcher, fWAR for pitchers and other position players

Exploring Pitch Data with R class at DataCamp now available


I'll be starting this class this week to see how it goes. I'll comment later once I'm done on whether I continue through this course or not. If I do, expect some fun James Shield graphs this offseason.

CNN Article on Jason Benetti


Nice write up from CNN on Jason Benetti, his background, and path to becoming an announcer for the Sox.

The Horrible Dutchman, Or, another POS writes a book


An entertainingly written article about a dinner and interview with Lenny Dykstra, who gives all Dutchmen a bad name.

Did the Sox Jump the Gun on James Shields?


It's never too early to make a trade, as long as it's for the right guy...