Williams Optioned to AAA; Jenks Back Friday


Williams' reign of putting games just out of reach is OVA!

White Sox - Angels Tickets Half Off


Same deal as last time, use promo code "ZOO"

For You Youngsters Out There, OP'sOS Too, Bob Gibson


What is more intimidating than than a man who is hungrier, more determined, willing to go farther to win than you are? What made The Terminator in the first movie so savage, I think, was not that he was strong, and not that he was virtually indestructible, and not that he had Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscles … but instead it was that he wanted to kill you more than you wanted to stay alive. There is no easy human response to that sort of intensity. So Bob Gibson looked bigger than 6-foot-1. Yes, by the numbers he only hit 10 or so batters a year, but those 10 never ever forgot. He threw his 95-mph fastball and savage slider by unfolding into a wind-up that screamed ancient violence — Bill James would say that Gibson "sort of looks like he is attempting to fly." This was a wind-up without guile, it was all business, David used this wind-up when smiting Goliath. Yes, Gibson didn’t look like he was trying to strike out batter. He looked like he was trying to smite them. "That’s a whole lot of (expletive)," Gibson says. "I wasn’t trying to intimidate anybody, are you kidding me? I was just trying to survive, man."

Sampling American Pale Ales


A mere 35 years ago, the domestic beer choices on Independence Day weekend were a dismal lot: bland, flavorless mega-brews, with perhaps a few equally uninspiring beers from dying regional breweries. Today, the American beer world is completely different, thanks to some farsighted brewers who envisioned a better future.

Accuscore Gives Sox 17%


Although I'm not a huge proponet of Accuscore (or Yahoo sports), I thought it was interesting that after the 11 game winning streak, they still have us at only a 17% chance to get in the playoffs. I think we're going to need AL wins, cheifly in the Central, to get any sort of real playoff percentage. Oh, being in 1st place might help too.

Chet Lemon Embraces Each Day


Chet doesn't talk about the six-hour operation to remove his spleen on Sept 17, 2001, or the complications from the disease in 2006, when he lost 60 percent of his blood. "You hope they learn because that's how life is," Lemon says. "Unforeseen occurrences, death in the family, you lose your job, all these things. You got to gird your loins. Life continues. "There are good days. There are bad days, but you keep hustling to survive."

When people go crazy... its fucking hilarious.


When people go crazy... its fucking hilarious.