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Jerry Reinsdorf

Today in White Sox History: January 20

Several stars arrive in Chicago, on a busy transactions day.

The Money Will, Indeed, Be Spent

The pending perils of the Pale Hose purse strings

The Problem With Jerry: Buy ... or Sell

Jerry Reinsdorf needs to "pony up" and allocate his resources proactively ... or put the White Sox up for sale

One and Gone (Almost) for Sure

Lancing the theory that Lynn isn’t a rental

Sharing Sox Podcast 22 - Liam Hendricks Edition

Throw another reliever on the barbie

Sharing Sox Podcast 21: Catchers in the Wry

AKA post-insurrection backup backstop edition

Sharing Sox Podcast 20 - New Year Edition

A little look back, a long look forward

Sharing Sox Podcast 19: Xmas Edition

Can we wish Tony La Russa back to retirement?

Sharing Sox Podcast 16: Tender is the Night

Mazara may love company, but does the company love him?

Sharing Sox Podcast 14: How About Theo for Manager?

Maybe a straight-up trade for our new guy ...

Sharing Sox Podcast 13: Tony who?

There may be a boycott mention included

Sharing Sox podcast strikes South Side Sox

As father and son Sox fans pretend to know what they’re talking about

Drilling down into the dumbness of divisional bridesmaiding

If Jerry Reinsdorf really does shoot for second place, he’s doing a helluva job

With the White Sox rebuild, it all starts at the top

Which is too bad for us