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Josh Harrison

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Today in White Sox History: October 27

The passing of a baseball legend — and first pennant-winning South Side pilot

Grading the White Sox: Josh Harrison

He was the most fun on the team, and we’re not Joshing

Should I Stay or Should I Go: Josh Harrison

Aiming low and hitting the mark

Pollock ... declines his 2023 option!

Anderson’s club option exercised; Harrison’s declined; AJ give the White Sox an early holiday gift by accepting his $5 million buyout

Today in White Sox History: October 27

Time to salute a Hitless Wonder

Blue Jays 9, White Sox 5: What a way to make a living

White Sox fall to Blue Jays, just a little too much giving

Do the Right Thing, Rick Hahn

It is past time to say goodbye to Dallas Keuchel and Josh Harrison

Mariners sink White Sox, 5-1

Not even Windy City wind is enough help.

Joe Kelly and Josh Harrison join the White Sox

Yes, this is what we waited 3 1⁄2 months for.