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Liam Hendriks

Grading the White Sox: Liam Hendriks

One area in which the club is covered: closer

Should I Stay or Should I Go: Liam Hendriks

A luxury we can’t afford?

Today in White Sox History: October 24

A new GM, new cover, and soon-to-be new closer

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Sharing Sox Podcast 89 — It’s over! It’s over!

On to the ghoulish, October Hahnted house

Liam Hendriks speaks on gun control in America

The closer slams the door on gun lawlessness

Today in White Sox History: January 15

Two stellar starters cross in the night ...

Liam Hendriks: His Past, Present and Future With the White Sox

Aside from a few homers, the South Side closer was absolutely dominant out of the pen in 2021.