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Meet the Players

SSS writer bios

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Meet the Players: Salina Rae Silver

Get to know our new metrics and minors writer, baseball and music photographer, and Adam Eaton nemesis

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Meet the Players: Chrystal O’Keefe

The Queen of South Side Sox

A mother, her son, and her grandson

My grandmother is a White Sox fan. Her son is a Cubs fan. Here’s how I picked the South Siders

Why the White Sox?

Even after everything, what keeps me here?

Meet the Players: Melissa Sage-Bollenbach

Meet the Players: Allie Wesel

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South Side Sox Podcast 115 — Meet the (four) Players!

A quartet of new site talent — Melissa Sage-Bollenbach, Marj Raguso, Allie Wesel and mysoxarewhite join Brett Ballantini to introduce themselves — and weigh in on the 2022 White Sox experience

Meet the Players: Jordan Hass

Meet the Players: Brian O’Neill

Hey, White Sox fans, it’s time to Meet the Players for 2022

An outline of our expanded coverage for the playoff-expectant South Siders.

South Side Sox Podcast 94 — Meet Trooper Galactus!

Conspiracy theories abound, as Brett Ballantini gets to know this SSS commenting and writing mainstay.

Meet the Players: Trooper Galactus

South Side Sox Podcast 93 — Meet SoxOptimist!

An optimistic take on the White Sox? Maybe, maybe not. But Brett Ballantini learns a whole lotta fun stuff in getting to know our newest writer.

Meet the Players: SoxOptimist

Meet the Players: Sam Reeves

Meet the Players: Kristina Airdo

South Side Sox Podcast 79 — Meet Zach Hayes! (Plus Labor Talks Chat)

Get to know Zach Hayes and his baseball background and favorites, plus his optimism that a new CBA will balance some scales.

South Side Sox Podcast 78 — Meet Adrian Serrano! (Plus Offseason Chat)

Get to know Adrian Serrano and his baseball background and favorites, plus some offseason talk!

Meet the Players: Adrian Serrano

South Side Sox Podcast 73 — Meet Delia Ritchie!

Our newest member seemingly has worked for every team in Chicago — but her heart always resides on the South Side.

Meet the Players! Delia Ritchie

Meet the Players: Di Billick

Meet the Players: Celeste Radogno

Meet the Players: Jacki Krestel

Meet the Players: Zach Hayes

Meet the Players: Mitch Ransdell

Meet the Players: Jason Kinander

Meet the Players: Tyrone Palmer

Meet the Players: Dick Reillo

Meet the Players: Anders Johanson

Meet the Players: Melanie Blanton

Meet the Players: Tommy Barbee


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