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Mike Clevinger

Roster moves roundup: Sayonara to spirit captains and scumbags alike

Redacted redacts himself out of Chicago, while Liam Hendriks is gone for no good reason, in another deft roster maneuver by the White Sox

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The White Sox may want us to — but we are not whitewashing Mike Clevinger

If the club we cover won’t make the call, we will

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Baseball is back, and the White Sox remain awful

The front office continues to disappoint

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Sharing Sox Podcast 99 — The elephant is still in the room

And we’re not talking about Lance Lynn

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Sharing Sox Podcast 98 — My, aren’t we Clevinger

Plus talk of rotation replacements and the return of the TV booth duo

Mike Clevinger is an alleged child abuser

Another feather in the cap for an organization which now has no accountability, or likability, whatsoever