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Baseball America's Top Ten White Sox Prospects

Courtney Hawkins tops the first list released this offseason

Trayce Thompson
Trayce Thompson

Baseball America released its top ten prospects for the White Sox today. Composed by the inestimable Phil Rogers:

1. Courtney Hawkins, of
2. Trayce Thompson, of
3. Carlos Sanchez, ss/2b
4. Erik Johnson, rhp
5. Keenyn Walker, of
6. Scott Snodgress, lhp
7. Andre Rienzo, rhp
8. Keon Barnum, 1b
9. Jared Mitchell, of
10. Chris Beck, rhp

I usually criticize BA for being a little too prone to toe the White Sox line on prospects, given that Rogers doesn't see very many White Sox prospects in person, and this list probably included the heaviest input from members of the White Sox organization, given that BA probably has the best access of any outlet.

However, as a sneak peek to my (in-progress list) the top of this is hard for me to quibble with very much. I do think the ranking of Barnum is aggressive, as I think you have to be an absolute monster to be a legitimate prospect as a first baseman and I can't say I see that in Barnum. Outside of that, the White Sox have the usual shallow system that lends itself to variety amongst lists, particularly in the second half of it. So I probably can't criticize for Barnum too much.