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White Sox Fall/Winter League update

Baseball America's first organizational ranking of the offseaon has the White Sox creeping up the ladder.

Jonathan Daniel

Baseball America likes to rank things, and today they released a Frankenstein's monster of a list on Monday -- farm system strength based on their "League Top 20" lists.

This isn't to be confused with the overall farm system list, because they usually announce those after compiling their team lists for the book. Instead, this measures the teams based on how many top prospects are ready to contribute as early as possible.

On this particular list, the White Sox rank 24th, which is a modest but noticeable jump from where they normally land on these things. However, that list does not include Jose Abreu, whose arrival is expected to be announced on Tuesday, so chances are the Sox could climb higher in the full organizational ranking a few months from now. You know, if they paid attention to rankings.

RHP Erik Johnson (11 IL) • OF Avisail Garcia (7 IL) • SS/2B Marcus Semien (14 SL) • 2B/SS Carlos Sanchez (18 IL) • OF Courtney Hawkins (15 CAR)

Johnson, Garcia and Semien all received late-summer callups and will be key pieces of Chicago’s rebuild beginning in 2014. Sanchez and Hawkins didn’t hit at all in 2013, which tells you a lot about system depth.

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