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White Sox Minor League Update: April 27 - May 3

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Scores, stats, and news from the White Sox farm system

Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez
Jennifer Hilderbrand-USA TODAY Sports

While Marcus Semien delivers big hits at the major league level and Hawk Harrelson provides daily updates about Micah Johnson at Birmingham, Carlos Sanchez is starting to make his own case for additional exposure in between at Charlotte.

The start of his 2014 season resembled his game from last season: slow. But after opening the season with a 5-for-32 stretch, Sanchez is hitting .363/.446/.436 over his last 15 games (62 plate appearances). Combine the hot and the cold, and you get a respectable line of .287/.360/.333.

That's certainly better than how he fared April (.207/.309/.244), which set the tone for a disappointing season. In fact, assuming Sanchez avoids stringing together a bunch of extra-inning 0-fers over the next few days, his April will top any month from last season.

It feels like Sanchez has been around forever, but he's still just 21, and younger than both Semien and Johnson by more than a year.  If he continues to meet the expectations the Sox set for him last year, Rick Hahn will have multiple possibilities to consider at the deadline.

Sunday's box scores will appear below shortly.