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White Sox Minor League Update: May 18-24

Scores, stats, and news from the White Sox farm system

Tyler Danish made his Winston-Salem debut on Sunday.
Tyler Danish made his Winston-Salem debut on Sunday.
Dan Barber/Winston-Salem Dash

Tyler Danish made the wrong kind of personal history in his High-A debut with Winston-Salem on Sunday. Granted, given how well he pitched at Kannapolis, anything resembling mediocrity would automatically qualify as his worst.

Danish gave up five earned runs over five innings against Frederick, including a couple of home runs. Not only did his scoreless streak come to a halt at 23 innings, but he also surpassed his Kannapolis totals in both earned runs and homers, in less than one-eighth the innings.

Kannapolis 3 0 0.64 7 42.0 30 8 3 0 10 31 0
Winston-Salem 0 0 9.00 1 5.0 7 5 5 2 1 5 0

Lefty Michael Burgess gave Danish an especially hard time, going single-homer-double in his three at-bats. Besides the platoon advantage, though, Burgess also had quite an edge in experience. He's nearly six years older than Danish, with 824 career plate appearances over 238 games at Double-A under his belt, which means he can do a little more with an apparent changeup on the wrong side of the plate.


Guys like Burgess will make the Carolina League (average age: 23.0 years) a step up from the Sally League (21.4 years) for Danish. You can also include Creede Simpson in that group. He's five years older, he's the other guy who took Danish deep on Sunday, and he belted what looked like a backup slider.


(Dash broadcaster Brian Boesch said the slider was Danish's biggest project moments before the homer.)

It's not like Danish was terrible, though. His fastball certainly has plenty of movement, and his changeup did get some off-balance swings. He just paid for a couple of mistakes, ones he might have gotten away with at Kannapolis, so Carolina League hitters should give him plenty to work on over the remainder of the season.

Here's a more typical result:


Sunday's box scores will appear in the comments below shortly.