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Video, audio of Carlos Rodon's first appearance for Winston-Salem

White Sox' first-round draft pick gives up two runs, strikes out three in inning of work

Davis Pack/Winston-Salem Dash

Carlos Rodon made a few of professional-ball debuts on Tuesday afternoon:

  1. He made his first appearance for the Winston-Salem Dash.
  2. He made his first appearance on
  3. He had to talk to assembled media for the first time.

The White Sox' first-round draft pick avoided a formal media introduction in Chicago before getting his feet wet in the obscurity of the Arizona Rookie League, so this was the first time we could see him go about his business, then watch as media types get all up in his business.

Tackling them one at a time...

No. 1: He made his first appearance for the Dash.

Rodon's line will leave you wanting more, as he allowed two runs on a hit and two walks in his inning of work. He needed 33 pitches (19 strikes) to complete the inning, but it didn't really matter, as the Dash led 8-0 by the time he entered the game in the eighth inning.

No. 2 He made his first appearance on

He did strike out three, including the first Carolina League batter he faced:

But it didn't qualify as striking out the side, because his second victim reached on a wild pitch after a few weak swings. Rodon buried a slider in the dirt, and it got past catcher Mike Marjama.

Had Marjama blocked that pitch successfully, Rodon would've started the day with two outs and nobody on. Instead, the Frederick Keys had a runner on first and one out. A walk, flyout to left, walk and a flared single to center later, the Keys had their first two runs of the game. Rodon's fastball command looked like the biggest culprit -- it's hard to tell from the odd camera angle, but it didn't look like he missed by much.

Rodon did end his day with a strikeout, and on a changeup, which is his primary pitch project.

No. 3: He made his first real media appearance.

The Dash posted the audio of his postgame media scrum, and he sounds like somebody who's dealt with attention for a while. He talks about his start, the pro-ball experience, returning to North Carolina.

You can also hear him respond to a couple of weirder questions, like "Have you splurged on any big-ticket items yet?" and "Who's actually calling your pitches? Are they coming from Chicago?"