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White Sox Minor League Update: Aug. 17-23

Scores, stats, and news from the White Sox farm system


Micah Johnson left Saturday's game against the Durham Bulls early after tweaking his knee on a swing. It wasn't pretty...


...but he did manage to finish his at-bat, and reach base when the second baseman booted his grounder. He sat out of Sunday's game, but it looks like a precautionary measure thus far.

That awkward fall adds to the list of aches and pains for Johnson this season. He's dealt with persistent hamstring issues, and Buddy Bell shared another story with Chris Rongey on White Sox Weekly Saturday:

Rongey: He hit his head, too, or something, right? There was a fear of a concussion, I thought? I heard?

Bell: Yeah, that was one of those things where he was getting in the bus, and the bus driver opened the door on him, and it split his head open. So you always gotta keep your head up, I guess, huh?

Sunday's box scores will appear in the comment shortly.