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White Sox Minor League Update: June 28-July 4

Scores, news and more from around the White Sox farm system

Chris Beck
Chris Beck
Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

With only eight picks in the first 10 rounds, the White Sox ran with college pitchers early on. College pitchers usually have some sort of innings governor after turning pro, but it's hardly a blanket policy.

Carson Fulmer, whose season just came to a close, threw 128 innings for Vanderbilt, which is the most NCAA innings thrown by a Sox draft pick over the last six years. Jace Fry comes closest, and he threw the second-fewest pro innings of the sample. I assume that will be the case here.

With the other two picked by the Sox, it's more difficult to ascertain.

Fourth-rounder Zack Erwin threw 106⅔ innings for Clemson this season, an increase over the 72 he threw for the Tigers last season. He's started out throwing two-inning relief outings for Great Falls, which seems reasonable. However, we've seen Chris Beck and Jake Petricka top 40 innings with a similar college workload, so it's possible Erwin could start facing more batters shortly.

Fifth-rounder Jordan Stephens has a murkier course. He missed most of 2014 due to Tommy John surgery, and his 2015 season with Rice started in the bullpen to finish his rehab. He threw 59⅔ innings between 11 starts and six relief appearances. Based on innings alone, history says he has an outside chance of topping 100 innings between the two levels for 2015. The surgery is a variable that others don't have. He's on the roster of the White Sox' Arizona League affiliate, but has yet to throw a pitch.

Here's what it looks like over the last five draft classes for the notable selections.


Carlos Rodon
College: 98.2 | Pro: 24.1 IP | Total: 123 IP

Jace Fry
College: 120.1 IP | Pro: 9.1 IP | Total: 129.1 IP

Zach Thompson
College: 87.1 IP | Pro: 44 IP | Total: 131.1 IP

Brian Clark
College: 88.1 | Pro: 48.1 | Total: 136.2 IP


Andrew Mitchell
College: 49 IP | Pro: 56 IP | Total: 105 IP


Chris Beck
College: 103.2 IP | Pro: 40.1 IP | Total: 144 IP


Erik Johnson
College: 105 IP | Pro: 2 IP | Total: 107 IP

Scott Snodgress
College: 31 IP | Pro: 59.1 IP | Total: 90.1 IP


Chris Sale
College: 103 IP | Pro: 33.2 IP | Total: 136.2 IP

Jake Petricka
College: 100.2 IP | Pro: 44.1 IP | Total: 145 IP

Addison Reed
College: 79.1 IP | Pro: 30 IP | Total: 109.1 IP

Sunday's box scores will appear in the comments shortly.