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White Sox Minor League Update: Aug. 9-15

Scores, news and more from around the White Sox farm system

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Entering the final month of the minor league season, Tim Anderson has the No. 1 spot on all White Sox prospect lists wrapped up. Nevertheless, he's hammering the point home with a hellacious start to August.

Not only is he hitting .353 with two doubles and two triples over the first nine games ... not only is he 8-for-8 in stolen bases ... but he's also getting on base besides hits. He's drawn four walks over his first nine games, and has been plunked a couple of times, too.

The result is the groundwork for an explosive month after a year full of steady excellence -- especially for a 22-year-old making his Double-A debut in a pitcher-friendly park. It's hard to be more consistent month to month than Anderson has been.

  • April: .321/.333/.381
  • May: .303/.325/.418
  • June: .301/.342/.422
  • July: .295/.342/.410

If he has to deviate from the norm, this is the way to do it:

  • August: .353/.450/.529

Sunday's box scores will appear below shortly.