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White Sox Minor League Update: April 17-23

Scores, news and more from around the White Sox farm system

BB&T Ballpark in Charlotte
BB&T Ballpark in Charlotte

I'm in North Carolina for a few days, so I went to Sunday's Charlotte Knights game. Some observations.

*BB&T Ballpark is a handsome little stadium. It's in a great location, and everything makes sense in terms of layout.

*It is on a really small footprint, though, and it's most noticeable when you see how close the bullpens are to the infield.

BB&T bullpen

*Matt Davidson stole the show, hitting a moonshot off Blake Snell that cleared the picnic area and hit the screen in front of the scoreboard. He went 2-for-3 with a walk, and avoided striking out for the first time all season.

I imagine the video of it should be up on the Knights' website at some point. For now, you'll have to settle of a photo of the launch angle:

Matt Davidson

*Tim Anderson sliced a double to lead off a game. He also committed an error, but it wasn't a normal play -- he started in a Williams shift, and had to range far toward his left, toward the first baseman. He booted the ball trying to create a throwing angle.

*Miguel Gonzalez pitched six effective innings, and didn't allow much in the way of hard contact, but his fastball sat between 88-91. Then again, I don't think I saw anybody's fastball clearing 92 -- neither Snell's, nor Daniel Webb's. So it might've been a cold gun.

*Jacob May's arm is better than I thought. He cut a couple balls in the gap and made strong throws to second, limiting baserunners to a single despite aggressive turns.

Sunday's box scores will appear below shortly.