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White Sox Minor League Update: May 15-21

Scores, news and more from around the White Sox farm system

Has Matt Davidson achieved normalcy?

Two full seasons -- and pretty much all hope -- has elapsed for Davidson since the White Sox acquired him for Addison Reed during the 2013-14 offseason, not just because his numbers have been gross, but because there really hasn't been a sustained period of even decent production. His strikeout rates have hovered above 30 percent while batting .200 in a big-time park for offense.

This month, though, Davidson has looked different. He's hitting .357/.449/.667 with just 10 strikeouts over 48 plate appearances in May, and you can even extend his period back into April. After going 0-for-4 with four strikeouts on April 24 to jeopardize any kind of credibility he built during his strong spring training, he bounced back with a three-double game, and has maintained a stretch of impressive production since.

It's all cherry-picking, but it's forgivable since Davidson hasn't carried a 1.000 OPS -- and a strikeout rate in the low 20s -- over any measurable stretch with the Knights. It may not end up meaning anything since Todd Frazier owns third base and Avisail Garcia is staking his claim to DH, but at least it's no longer the saddest thing in the world.

Sunday's box scores will appear below shortly.