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Here come the Top Prospects!

The Top 100 Prospects countdown and the Top Prospect vote are coming to a site very near you

Birmingham Barons

It’s that time of year, when we simultaneously count up our SSS Top Prospects, from 100 to 1, while gauging our readership’s picks for the top two or three dozen prospects in the system.

As always, I will be proctoring the Top Prospect Vote. Each round will feature 10 players to choose from. Some basic stats and prior SSS prospect ranking will be provided to help you choose, and after a day or two of voting, we’ll move to the next round.

This year’s Top 100 composition will be a little different. In past seasons, we had the tireless work of WSM to provide the backbone of our prospect writeups. In his absence, you’ll see several writer bylines picking up some profiles or sharing a byline with him, including me, Brett, Joe Resis, Melissa Sage-Bollenbach, Darren Black, Trooper Galactus, and possibly even others.

In the past, we’ve imagined these two lists meeting in the middle, i.e. running the Top Prospect Vote until No. 50, right around the time we’ve counted all the way up from 100 to the midway point. In the past couple of years, voting has petered out well before No. 50. We’ll take the vote as far as makes sense, but once we’re down to just a couple of dozen ballots, we may be losing some overall value in the exercise.

Anyway, it should be fun, once again. There seem to be some scoffers out there, even among our own readers, who think that a clown system like the White Sox’s doesn’t merit any sort of “top [x] prospects” offseason feature. But as Brett has always maintained, these might be the only features ever done on some of these players — let’s give them some shine.

Besides, guys don’t just roll out of bed as Top 10 blue chips. Just among our likely Top 30 this season, Cristian Mena was first featured in this series at No. 82 (2020) and No. 94 (2021), Lenyn Sosa first was introduced here as a No. 39 (2018), Luis Mieses was a No. 45 (2019), Carlos Pérez ranked low as No. 81 (2020), and Jason Bilous was a No. 79 in 2019. These can be seen as sneak previews of the guys you’ll be paying a lot more attention to in days to come.

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(our first Top 100 prospect countdown was over at South Side Hit Pen)