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MLB News

Josh Donaldson faces a one-game suspension

MLB announces punishment after a racist remark over the weekend

White Sox Minor League Update: March 11

New Rules Edition, from yesterday’s new CBA.


The 99-day nightmare finally comes to an end, with Opening Day moved to April 7.

MLB is back! The basics

Reporting date is March 13, first games a week from now.

Another deadline blown? MLB wipes two more series off of the schedule

Your new Opening Day? April 14.

Deadline Day 2.0 approaches ... has passed ... does anyone really know what time it is, anyway?

Another daylong bargaining session ends in impasse, with the deadline for another batch of game cancellations pushed to Wednesday afternoon.

Lockout Day 95: MLBPA submits first new proposal since talks broke down

The union leaves the league disappointed once again, spring games delayed through March 17.

Hope for baseball this spring continues to diminish

Thursday’s meeting provides no updates, as players continue to speak out about the work stoppage.

Goodbye, Opening Day

And with the MLBPA standing firm, the question is begged: Goodbye, season?

February 28 CBA Update: Deadline day?

A marathon 16 hours of meetings bring progress, but season still in jeopardy.

CBA negotiations turn sour one day before MLB-imposed deadline

Players provide more concessions, while the owners shoot down the latest MLBPA proposal.

Shortened spring training could lead to injury issues

A prolonged lockout has placed a question mark over player preparation time.

February 24 CBA update: Players propose additional concessions to service time

Day four of no deal, deadline looming.

February 23 labor update: Owners threaten cancelled games with no pay

Minimal updates to minimum salary, CBT remains untouched.

February 22 update: CBA talks remain stagnant

Three hours of meetings unsuccessful, players nibble at the edges of an updated proposal.

February 21 update: CBA negotiations moving inch by inch

Progress: MLB "updates" its previous proposal, both sides manage to meet for longer than 15 minutes.

Spring games postponed up to March 5

MLB acknowledges the obvious, cancels play for the first week.

MLBPA underwhelmed by latest MLB CBA proposal

Ownership’s SECOND proposal since it instituted a lockout leaves players wanting.

MLB Lockout Update: February 10

Investment advice — and embarrassing admissions — from The Big Cheese.

CBA Negotiations Update: February 5

The battle between the owners and players continues.

CBA Negotiations Update: February 3

As spring training looms, the owners are pulling out the four corners offense.

2022 South Side Sox Hall of Fame Vote

Newcomer David Ortiz headlines a stacked ballot.

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The exciting baseball BLOCKBUSTER sure to stupefy and nullify all your offseason baseball excitement premieres tonight!

Reunion Dashed: Semien Signs With Texas

Seven years, $175 million is WAY out of price range.

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Mets’ Many Moves Motivation for Mr. Hahn?

The clock is ticking toward December 1 ...

Sharing Sox Podcast 42: Spin Cycle

Alan Nathan, physics professor and foremost authority on the physics of baseball, joins the program to talk spin, the ball, and how to save the sport

Yermín Mercedes Featured on HBO’s Real Sports

The program, examining players who are in partnership with Big League Advance, premieres tonight

2021 Know Your Enemy Season Preview: The Top Tier

"Siri, play Know Your Enemy by Green Day"

Charlotte, Sometime

Triple-A season now delayed "at least" a month

So Long, Sally

MLB ditches traditional league names in its minor-league reorganization

PECOTA Projections: Uh-Oh

Baseball Prospectus throws some cold water on the World Series parade

MLB/MLBPA Agree on 2021 Protocols

Seven-inning doubleheaders and modified extra innings are in — universal DH is out