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MLB News

2022 South Side Sox Hall of Fame Vote

Newcomer David Ortiz headlines a stacked ballot.

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The exciting baseball BLOCKBUSTER sure to stupefy and nullify all your offseason baseball excitement premieres tonight!

Reunion Dashed: Semien Signs With Texas

Seven years, $175 million is WAY out of price range.

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Mets’ Many Moves Motivation for Mr. Hahn?

The clock is ticking toward December 1 ...

Sharing Sox Podcast 42: Spin Cycle

Alan Nathan, physics professor and foremost authority on the physics of baseball, joins the program to talk spin, the ball, and how to save the sport

Yermín Mercedes Featured on HBO’s Real Sports

The program, examining players who are in partnership with Big League Advance, premieres tonight

2021 Know Your Enemy Season Preview: The Top Tier

"Siri, play Know Your Enemy by Green Day"

Charlotte, Sometime

Triple-A season now delayed "at least" a month

So Long, Sally

MLB ditches traditional league names in its minor-league reorganization

PECOTA Projections: Uh-Oh

Baseball Prospectus throws some cold water on the World Series parade

MLB/MLBPA Agree on 2021 Protocols

Seven-inning doubleheaders and modified extra innings are in — universal DH is out

Sharing Sox Podcast 24: Rodón Less Traveled Edition

With our Carlos on Cruz control

Potential MLB season taking shape? Not so fast, says MLBPA

Without a salary guarantee or postseason revenue sharing, ownership’s 154-game odyssey is dead in the water

Potential 2021 Season Taking Shape

Owners propose 154 games and a May 1 start

Sharing Sox Podcast 23: Hall of Fumes Edition

A good Mark for Buehrle, Curt comments about Schilling

MLB, MLBPA reach agreement on a season

And in related news, All-Star Charlie Blackmon and two Rockies teammates are the latest to test positive for COVID-19

No joke: Minor leaguers get paid

And the White Sox lose a former first-rounder

Further details on the shape of a 2020 season

Regular season baseball could last to Halloween

Owners, players agree service time, draft rules

Overall, everything’s still amorphous, but a few details have been hammered out. Hurrah!

Chris Sale to undergo Tommy John surgery

After a troubled 2019 and painful spring, the ex-White Sox goes under the knife

Astros, WTF?

Baseball will wear the stench of these sniveling milksops for seasons to come

Astros crushed by MLB for cheating scandal

Hinch and Ludlow subsequently canned by Houston

Less minors = more money?

Baseball America breaks some big developments on the farm

Twitterpating: Whiny little Cubbies

What fun! Debuting our new, semi-regular survey of the baseball world by taking the piss out of our cuddly neighbors to the north

Carlos Lee gets a nod, if no Hall of Fame votes

An update on Hall of Fame vote totals as the deadline arrives

Terrerobytes: Back to work

Zach Duke makes rare news on Christmas, the Marlins are a mess, and more

More corner players move, and they’re not Royals

The Indians attempt to replace Carlos Santana for less, and Evan Longoria is no longer a Ray

Red Sox put new spin on first baseman market

Boston retains Mitch Moreland, which muddies Eric Hosmer’s potential landing spots

Lull in Manny Machado rumors, but plates shift underneath

The Dodgers put themselves in position to spend a ton of money next year

Winter Meetings Day 2: Rick Renteria’s first chance at a second year

A Manny Machado rumor makes a fleeting appearance

Winter Meetings Day 1: A.J. Pierzynski, ambassador

Broadcast with Hawk Harrelson in works

A few ways the White Sox can make winter meetings headlines

It’s going to be quieter than usual, but it doesn’t have to be silent


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